Top 10 Hollywood stars with the most beautiful priests: the back view is the best


Today, almost all girls want their butt to be beautiful, like some celebrities. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian were the main trendsetters in the lush ass. However, in the TOP stars with the most beautiful priests hit and other Hollywood actress and singer, having a no less attractive rear view.

Nicki Minaj

Lush fifth point has become a real calling card of the singer and actress. And Niki tries every time to emphasize the beauty of a fitting outfit or short shorts.


The singer, actress, icon of the Beyonce style can be justly proud of her fifth point. Luxurious buttocks celebrities at concerts always look sexy because of dresses with cuts or decor.

Mariah Carey

This star was lucky not only with a beautiful voice, but also with a gorgeous booty. But it should be noted that Mariah spends a lot of time in the gym to have a toned body.

Iggy Azalea

The infamous rapper has become famous for her thanks to her beautiful, voluptuous bum. Iggy is the owner of the triangle type, and due to this, her bottom seems even more than it actually is.

Eva Mendez

The ass of this actress is considered one of the most beautiful in Hollywood. Eve's ass is undoubtedly admired by men and envy by women.

Christina Aguilera

Aguilera has long been a sex symbol in the world. It should be noted that the priest Christina remains attractive and when the singer is very slim, and after gaining a few extra pounds. It seems that there was some magic!

Sofia Vergara

It seems that the American Family star has no flaws at all! Sophia has a beautiful figure, lush breasts and a chic booty, riveting the views of others.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is not for nothing that they consider the second Marilyn Monroe: the actress has the same delicious butt and a chiseled figure. Johansson has ideal parameters and weight with his short stature.


Rihanna is a talented and sexy woman who boasts a perfect fifth point. The girl really has something to be proud of. Rihanna often shows her outstanding forms in clips.

It should be said that after gaining weight, the girl had not yet managed to wake up. But she already lays out beach shots, showing quite tolerable forms and filth of the former.

Jessica bil

One can hardly argue with the fact that the young American actress has a sexy figure and a gorgeous ass. Jessica pays a lot of time to keep herself in great shape. And the girl does it!

Stars carefully monitor their figure in order to remain the benchmark of beauty for as long as possible. And today, when big buttocks are in fashion, many celebrities are actively pumping their fifth point in the gym. But there are those who resort to the help of plastic surgeons. As it turned out, in this and in another case, you can become the owner of luxurious forms, the main thing is to comply with the measure ...