All bundle: how to make a bundle for different lengths of hair


Hairstyle beam - straightforward, but very cute and stylish, it is suitable for all occasions. There are many styles and variants of performance: elegant and neat for social events, slightly negligent for everyday wear, with curls and a nice decoration for a romantic date. Here are a few instructions on how to make a beam for different lengths of hair with the help of available tools.

Views for every taste

The most popular and stylish options for beams:

  1. Classic. This is an average bundle that is made from the tail and secured with an elastic band or a hairpin.
  2. Asymmetrical. It is fixed on the side and looks very romantic on hair twisted by an iron.
  3. High. Hair gathers at the crown of the head, which allows to emphasize the shape of the face and make the neck visually thinner.
  4. Low. Ideal for everyday wear. It is necessary to release a couple of strands from the face and wrap them with an iron to give a slight sloppiness and lightness to
  5. "Malvina". It is necessary to wind all the hair, separate the strand from ear to ear and gather in a small bundle

Devices to create

To give the volume of hair and extend the time of her socks, use hair accessories that you can buy at any professional store.

  1. Twister It is a flexible wire that is trimmed with a terry cloth. Using a twister is simple: put a strand of hair in the slot and twist it in the right direction. The twister was popular back in the 90s
  2. Heagami This is a universal accessory that is used to create beams, high tails, babette and other hairstyles. It consists of two metal plates sheathed with non-slip fabric. Hair is wound on them and fixed in the desired position.
  3. Bagel. This is a dense roller of nylon mesh with a hole in the middle. You can use it in different ways: put it on the base of the tail and wrap the hair around it or wrap the hair on it from the very tips

But resourceful girls make a bagel with their own hands from the usual sock:

  1. We select the right sock color: for blondes - beige, for brunettes - brown or black.
  2. Cut off the front of the sock, where the fingers should be.
  3. Twist to form a donut.

Beautiful bun for long hair: three hairstyles

Long hair - this is the space for haircuts, styling, but at this length is not easy to make a hairstyle that will last all day. There are three simple ways to assemble a strong and elegant beam on the head.

High beam:

  1. Comb your hair and collect them in a high tail.
  2. Twist the hair into a bundle.
  3. Begin to wrap the strand around its axis.
  4. Place the end of the strand under the gum at the base to secure the bundle.
  5. Add a few invisibles or hairpins at the base of the hairstyle.
  6. Relax the bundle by pulling several strands at the top of the crown to add volume.
Release a few strands of face to give romantic negligence

Weave bundle:

  1. Take 3 small strands of hair at the crown.
  2. Start weaving a braid.
  3. As weaving seize new strands.
  4. Secure the braid and make it looser by pulling the strands.
  5. Collect the rest of the hair in a low tail.
  6. Pull the hair into a bagel.
  7. Wrap your hair around a bagel.
Wrap a scythe around a donut and secure with pins or stealth

Cheese bundle:

  1. Collect the hair in the middle tail.
  2. Wrap the tip of the tail on the cheeses.
  3. Start spinning your hair on the accessory.
  4. Wrap the hair in a bun.
  5. Fix hair invisible or hairpin.
Optional add decoration

How to make a medium length

Medium-length hair is more supple and less heavy, so keep any hairstyle better. But the options to make the beam in this case are much smaller: the strands are shorter, they are not going into a high tail and break up.

An excellent option for medium hair will be a low bun:

  1. Gather the hair in a low tail.
  2. Divide the hair in two parts above the elastic, thread the strand inside, tighten. Repeat 2-3 times.
  3. The rest of the strands secure stealth or studs.
Such a bundle can be done in 10 minutes.

The second option:

  1. Divide the hair into 3 parts, medium collect in a low tail.
  2. Make a bundle from the middle part and secure it with studs.
  3. Side strands divided into smaller ones.
  4. Twist each strand into a bundle and wrap around the bundle.
  5. Secure all invisible or studs.
This option is a bit more complicated than the previous one.

What can be done with short

For short hair there are different kinds of bunches:

  1. "Malvina". An ideal option for short hair
  2. Bundle "snag". Twist all the hair ironing and collect them in the tail. Begin to randomly fix the strands at the base of the studs or invisible. The final touch will be applying hair spray.
    Straightened curls will create the effect of negligence and volume
  3. A bunch of tail. Start collecting hair in a low tail. On the last turn of the elastic do not pull out the hair completely, and leave the "bun". The ends of the hair can be wrapped around the beam and fasten

How to fix and decorate

There are many variations of accessories that will not only extend the time you wear hairstyles, but also decorate it:

  1. Studs and stealth with decorative elements. Studs are used in almost every instruction for creating a beam
  2. Bandanas and bandages. These are fashion accessories that are perfect for everyday wear. These are fashion accessories that are perfect for everyday wear.
  3. Headbands. Floral, with pebbles and pearls, large or small - the choice is huge
  4. Hairpins. You can choose hairpins of different sizes with flowers, sprigs and other decorative elements.

Despite its simplicity, the beam is a universal solution for any occasion. Adding jewelry, winding hair or leaving it straight, you can create a unique hairstyle to fit your image.