The most unusual houses in the world


Among the variety of architectural structures on the planet are those that are particularly original. Some of them can hardly be called buildings. Ten buildings represents the most unusual houses in the world.

Stone house

The house of the huge boulders, which serve as walls, can be seen in Portugal near the town of Fafe. It was built by a simple engineer who lived here with his family. Unusual building too attracted the attention of tourists. The owners did not like it, so they moved. Now here is a museum of stones.

This house resembles the home of fairy-tale heroes or characters of the popular cartoon Flintstones. Looking at a photo of the building, it seems to many that before them photoshop inside is very comfortable here.

Crooked house

This unusual building was built in 2003 in the city of Sopot in Poland. Since then, it surprises with its bizarre views of guests and residents of the city. All external details of the building are curves - walls, roof, doors and windows. There are no curved walls and lines. Now in an unusual house is a cozy cafe and shops.

The building resembles a fabulous cartoon building. It seems as if the house is reflected in a crooked mirror in a distorted way. Inside the house it looks quite ordinary.

The ideal palace of Ferdinand Cheval

Designed and built this building, located in France, an ordinary postman. With his creation, he proved that not only outstanding architects and craftsmen are capable of creating masterpieces. Ferndinand Cheval worked for 33 years on the Ideal Palace. He built it alone from the most simple natural materials - stones, lime, cement and wire.

The French ideal palace is a bit like palaces and temples of Asia. The building is quite compact - it is lower than trees growing nearby. It is amazing not only the appearance of the unusual building, but also its interior: chandeliers made of stones, graffiti, unusual shape of a fountain

Bubble house

Bubble house was built specifically for the famous couturier Pierre Cardin by his close friend architect Antti Lovag. The composition is like a cluster of bubbles. There are no straight lines in the building. The building also looks inside.

Creative man - creative home! In a bubble house there is even a swimming pool. The interior is decorated with round windows, spherical halls and terraces.

House planet

Mobile home in the form of the globe was designed for comfortable movement in the desert for Sheikh Hamad. The height of the building is 12 meters and the width is 20 meters. Inside the building there are 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. In 1993, an unusual ball was added to the Guinness Book of Records.

Looking at this unusual house, resembling a globe on wheels, it is difficult to imagine that it is intended for human life. You can enter the house by an unusual staircase resembling an airplane ladder. Now the planet on wheels attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world.

Wooden skyscraper Sutyagin

One of the most unusual houses in the world was built in Russia on the seashore in the Arkhangelsk region by businessman Nikolai Sutyagin. It was created by a special technology - without nails. It was the world's tallest wooden building, which consisted of 13 floors. However, until our time the building has not been preserved. In 2008, a wooden skyscraper was demolished up to 4 floors, and in 2012 it burned down. From him there was only the foundation.

The wooden skyscraper Sutyagin is one of the most interesting sights of the Arkhangelsk region, unfortunately, lost. Due to a fire from the once-tallest wooden building in the world, little remained. Even the remains of the skyscraper looked very impressive

House hole

An unusual house was built in Texas in 2003 on the site of a building destroyed by a whirlwind. The idea of ​​creating such a structure belongs to the architects Dan Havel and Din Raku. Despite the fact that the building did not last long and was demolished in 2005, it is still remembered. The house, built in a futuristic style, from the side looked like a 3D-picture.

The house, built in a futuristic style, from the outside looked very impressive. Now the architects are trying to create something similar, but no one is able to build an analog house. The hole is very attractive for tourists.

"Attacked House"

“Attacked house” is not a residential building, but an art object. It was installed in Vienna in 2003. The author of the construction, Evian Wurm, created an architectural composition, which is a rectangular gray building, on the roof of which a small dwelling house seemed to fall. To realize this idea was quite difficult. Today the building is ranked among the masterpieces of architectural art. In the "attacked house" is a museum of modern art.

Unusual building is considered an art objectMuseum of modern art - the best use for such a houseIt seems that a small house on the roof of a skyscraper is about to fall down.

Guest House Hang Nga

An unusual guest house was designed by architect Dang Viet Nga. With her unusual composition, she wanted to draw attention to the protection of nature and the surrounding world, partially destroyed by man. Fascinating composition is located in one of the resort towns of Vietnam. Guests and residents call it "crazy house."

The building looks like a giant tree with many winding corridors and rooms in the form of caves. Something unusual. Walking on a gingerbread house. In an insane house you can stay for the night, if, of course, it does not frighten you.

Shoe house

You can see an unusual building in the form of a shoe in America in the state of Pennsylvania. It was built in 1949 for Mahlon M. Heins. A colonel from the United States was the owner of several dozen shoe stores and once turned to an architect to design a building in the form of a shoe. It was a kind of advertisement for the colonel’s business. Not only the building itself, but everything in its territory resembles shoes. In the form of shoes made mailbox, dog house, signs and bars on the windows. Now the building is a cozy cafe.

The unusual house was supposed to serve as an advertisement for its owner’s shoe business. Now anyone can get into an unusual house.

The fantasy of man is inexhaustible. In different parts of the world you can see unusual houses built by renowned architects and ordinary people. Of course, it is much more interesting to see them in reality, and not in photographs.