The benefits and harm of almonds


Almonds, the benefits and harms of which largely depend on the variety, have long been actively used in culinary production, in skin and hair care, as well as in pharmacology, traditional and alternative medicine. It is pleasant to taste, has a unique chemical composition, which gives the product useful properties and special nutritional value.

Almond nut and its composition

Almonds are a fairly common plant, but they take root only in warm climates, on stony and mountain soils. It is a small tree or rather a shrub of the pink family.

Fruits of almonds are traditionally considered nuts, though from a botanical point of view they are hard bones of a fruit with a large seed inside.

There are two varieties of almond:

  • sweet, which has found application in cooking. These nuts have a smooth surface and a pleasant, oily taste;
  • bitter, which is more popular with cosmetologists, pharmacists, and also as an aromatic additive. These fruits are more oblong than the sweet, shape, the presence of grooves on the surface.

On sale you can find both dried and roasted nuts.

Depending on the region where the almond tree grows, its fruits can contain from 35 to 70% of valuable, non-drying oil, which includes:

  • myristic, oleic and linoleic acid glycerides;
  • proteins and enzymes;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • carbohydrates, etc.

Bitter nuts contain amygdalin glycoside, due to which they have a characteristic flavor.

Almond nut contains many vitamins and microelements.

At the same time vitamin:

  • E supports the youth of cells and tissues of the human body;
  • B1 is involved in metabolic processes and improves immunity;
  • B2 is indispensable in the production of a special blood protein - hemoglobin;
  • B6 is responsible for the health of the central nervous system;
  • B9 helps to reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

In 100 g of the product - 600-645 kcal, and the level of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is 18.6 / 57.7 / 16.2 g, respectively.

Almond Nut

Almond nut is a source of valuable micro- and macroelements, therefore it is useful both in terms of overall recovery, and for restoring the functionality of individual organs and systems. Its daily rate for an adult, healthy person is from 30 to 50 g.

If you regularly include in your diet nuts almond tree:

  • work of the heart and digestive organs will improve;
  • the risk of cholesterol plaque formation in vessels will decrease;
  • the probability of oncology development will decrease;
  • the metabolism will be restored.

This product:

  • stimulates brain activity;
  • improves vision and memory;
  • improves mood, stamina and performance;
  • improves blood quality in patients with gout.

In addition, almonds normalizes the central nervous system, increases stress resistance, restores sleep. And it also activates the work of the urinary organs, therefore it is an excellent prevention of the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder.

For beauty and harmony

Regular use of cosmetics with an almond extract slows down the aging process of the skin.

Almond oil has a cleansing, softening and rejuvenating effect, so it is included in the composition of means for the care of nails, body and hair. Cosmetics based on almond extract makes the skin elastic, it returns a healthy color, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

The use of nuts on the eve and on the days of monthly female bleeding reduces the severity of PMS, painful symptoms, helps to recover soon after the regul.

Healing oil is included in the diet for weight loss. Despite the high calorific value, it contains useful acids that prevent excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Almond nut plant protein makes it an ideal product for a light and satisfying snack, as well as a meat substitute for vegetarian adherents.

During pregnancy

During the period of childbirth, it is important for a woman to get good nutrition and maintain regular metabolism. For these purposes, it is recommended to include in the daily diet of 10-15 sweet almond nuts. They can be used throughout pregnancy, if the expectant mother has no contraindications to this, for example, in the form of an allergy.

If a pregnant woman feasts almonds, she has:

  • reduce headache or completely pass, without pills;
  • sleep will be restored;
  • defecation with constipation will occur regularly, due to the large amount of fiber and oil in the nuts.

Sweet almonds are also good for the health of the fetus if the pregnant woman does not abuse them. As for the bitter fruits, their number will have to be reduced to 1-2 pieces. per day, and it is better to completely eliminate, due to harmful prussic acid and the abundance of essential oils in the composition.


There is an opinion that almonds are not useful during breastfeeding. This is true when mom eats it too much. If you exercise moderation, thanks to nuts, you can make breast milk tastier and more nutritious, enrich it with healthy fats, as well as amino acids. This is especially important when the baby is not gaining weight well.

However, the consumption of almonds during breastfeeding should start with 1-2 nuts a day to observe the condition of the child and to ensure that there is no allergy. Even if before the pregnancy this product was familiar to a woman, the child’s body may give an undesirable reaction. When a skin rash, as well as signs of heartburn, almonds should be excluded from the diet.

For men

Tasty and healing almond nuts are useful for men as much as for women. Vitamins and other components contained in them:

  • make the product a valuable source of energy;
  • increase physical endurance, as well as resistance to emotional stress;
  • improve brain oxygenation;
  • promote the elimination of toxins.

The latter is true for smokers and lovers of strong drinks. If you eat 5-8 nuts before the feast, where an abundance of alcohol is planned, the morning hangover will be easier.

Daily use of almonds restores healthy testosterone synthesis. As a result, the man:

  • increased sexual desire;
  • erection is restored;
  • sperm quality is improved.

Medical shampoos with almonds make hair elastic and shiny, strengthen the roots, therefore, in many cases prevent baldness.

For kids

At a young age, almond nuts are extremely useful if given in the allowed amount and take into account contraindications. In this case, bitter varieties, as well as raw nuts should be excluded because of their toxicity.

Sweet almond:

  • useful for the growth and proper formation of skeletal bones;
  • improves mental abilities;
  • saves eye health;
  • increases resistance to colds.

Introducing the product into the baby’s food should be no earlier than from the age of three, giving 2-3 nuts per day. Those who are often sick and / or lagging behind in height are allowed to double their daily rate.

For diseases

External use of almond oil extract allows:

  • reduce the severity of "orange peel", and with early signs of cellulite - completely get rid of the problem;
  • moisturize dry skin, remove peeling and acne, shrink pores;

Taking oil inside, you can:

  • prevent excessive flatulence in the intestines;
  • eliminate constipation;
  • relieve the course of bronchitis, get rid of coughing episodes;
  • cure stomatitis and other inflammations of the oral mucosa;
  • remove spasms of the muscles of the back and limbs;

In addition, an oil extract of almonds is used as a massage oil, and is also an excellent prevention of bedsores in bedridden patients.

Which almond is more useful

The taste and smell of almond after roasting becomes brighter and richer.

Roasted almonds also retain a maximum of valuable items if the heat treatment was correct.

Bitter almonds are almost absent in retail because it has a sharp taste and contains toxic substances that are dangerous to health in large quantities. It can be found, for example, in the form of an aromatic additive for the once popular Amaretto liqueur and other beverages, with a nutty flavor on the palate.

To maximize the benefits of almond, it is recommended to soak for several hours. Brown peel on the nuts makes it difficult to digest, and after soaking it is easily removed. In addition, the softened fruit is easier to chew people with weak teeth.

Sweet almonds are useful raw, but they are sold dried to prevent the appearance of mold due to long-term transportation and storage. Reducing the amount of moisture in the core almost does not affect its beneficial and nutritional properties.

What is more useful: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews

Nuts reduce the risk of many diseases, due to the high content of vitamin E

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, since the nuts of each of these types have a unique composition and are good for health. Due to the presence of vitamin E, they normalize blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes, significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia and myocardial infarction in middle-aged and older people. However, the leader in the content of this important trace element is almonds (24 mg). In hazelnuts it is slightly less (20 mg), and walnut and cashew noticeably lag behind (0.9 and 2.6 mg, respectively).

If you compare nuts in calories, then the maximum rate for walnuts is 763. They are followed by roasted hazelnuts (705), then almonds (645-600), and closes the list of cashews (219).


For all the usefulness of almond its use is limited to such a contraindication as intolerance to the product. In addition, you should not forget about the likelihood of cyanide poisoning when eating unripe sweet nuts, as well as with hydrocyanic acid - after eating a large number of bitter fruits.

Misuse of almonds can cause poisoning.

It is dangerous to get involved in nuts people:

  • overweight. Despite the fact that in moderate doses almonds promotes weight loss, an excessive amount of it can backfire due to its high caloric content;
  • with liver disease and pancreatitis, as almond oil is a fatty product that, if over-consumed, makes it difficult for these organs to work;
  • with inflammatory bowel disease and gastritis, especially in the acute stage because the almond pulp is difficult to digest.

Anyone who has a severe systemic pathology, regular consumption of nuts should be coordinated with your doctor.

How to use almonds for weight loss

The fruits of the almond tree are rich in vitamins, protein and fiber, give a quick saturation and stimulate the metabolism, so they are often included in a variety of diets.

Almond Salad - A Great Diet For Losing Weight

To lose weight, in addition to almonds, the diet should be present:

  • vegetables and fruits;
  • lean meat;
  • sea ​​fish;
  • porridge and rye bread;
  • eggs and berries;
  • low-fat dairy products.

At the same time should be deleted:

  • baking and smoked products;
  • pickles and sweets;
  • fat meat.

The menu can be made to your taste, while it is allowed to consume 10-12 almond nuts per day. You can use it as a snack between main meals, add to cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, vegetable salads and fruit desserts.

How to apply the product for health and beauty

There are many recipes that allow the use of almonds for medicinal and health purposes.

Regular consumption of almond oil strengthens the immune system


To please yourself, and at the same time lose weight, it offers a healthy and tasty salad.


  • medium chicken fillet - 2 pcs .;
  • almonds - 100 g;
  • avocado - 1 pc .;
  • fresh strawberries - 200 g;
  • celery - 2 stalks;
  • fresh chopped basil - 1 handful;
  • honey - 1 tsp;
  • shallots, fresh lemon juice, olive oil - to taste.

Fry the fillets and cut into small cubes, and chop the avocado. Dry the almonds in a clean, hot frying pan and then chop. Cut strawberries in half, onions and celery - half rings. Put everything in one bowl, mix, fill with honey and olive oil, squeeze the juice of fresh lemon. When serving, decorate with basil.

In diseases of the liver and gallbladder

A three-day course is recommended. On the first day, it is allowed to consume 5 nuts, peeled from the brown shell, in the morning and evening, before eating. On the 2nd - double the amount of almonds twice, on the 3rd day - another 5 pcs. After that, a break is necessary, and such treatment can be resumed within the time specified by the attending physician.

With bronchitis and pneumonia

8 drops of almond oil should be taken orally with warm milk three times a day. This will help reduce inflammation of the bronchi and lungs, facilitate the excretion of sputum, in a word, it will be a great addition to drug therapy.

With a stomach ulcer

30 nuts of sweet almond and 1 bitter grind into flour, pour in 100 ml of milk, 50 ml of cream, mix. Take 1 tsp. twice a day, half an hour before meals, during periods of remission.

With constipation and intestinal gas

To solve the problem of constipation and increased gas formation, it is recommended to drink 15 drops of almond oil three times a day on an empty stomach.

With impotence

Grind a large handful of almond nuts, add natural honey as much as is needed to obtain the consistency of thick porridge. Store the mixture in the refrigerator, take 1 tsp. at least three times a day on an empty stomach. If desired, it is allowed to add walnut, pistachios to the mixture, as well as dried fruits - dried apricots and prunes. This mixture will return the male force, and at the same time strengthen the immune system and ensure regular bowel movements.

With hypertension

To reduce blood pressure, you can diversify the menu with healthy dishes with almonds, for example, salads. Here is one of the recipes.

For cooking you will need:

  • fresh cucumber, medium size - 3 pcs .;
  • radish - 200 g;
  • almonds - 40 nuts;
  • honey - 5 g;
  • garlic - 1 tooth .;
  • medium lemon - 1 pc .;
  • dill - 1 bunch.

Almond soak overnight, peel in the morning, put in a blender, add garlic, chop. Then pour 0.5 cups of boiled water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey, beat well. Slice vegetables and greens, put in a container for salad, fill with blender sauce.


To relieve pain and inflammation in the ear, you can use heated almond oil. They should wet a cotton swab, which is then inserted into the auditory course at night.

Almond oil has long been used for cosmetic purposes as an independent tool, and as an ingredient for caring compositions.

Mask against shine skin

To reduce the secretion of sebum can be as follows.


  • sweet almonds and oatmeal, ground - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • chicken egg protein, whipped - 1 pc .;

Mix everything in the mush, apply on the skin, and after 15 minutes. rinse with warm water. After that, rinse with cold water, blot with a towel.

Mask against dryness and peeling of the skin


  • chopped almonds - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • fat cow cream - 1 tbsp. l

Mix, apply on face and neck, after half an hour, rinse with warm water.

To skin was young and elastic, it is recommended to periodically wipe it with almond oil.

For soft and silky hair

While washing your hair, clean the hair with a cleanser for the first time as usual, and then rinse it out. After that, apply a small amount of shampoo on your palm, add 3-5 drops of almond oil, smear the scalp, gently massage and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse. For convenience, you can prepare almond-shampoo mixture in advance.

The healing properties and the pleasant taste of almond made it a favorite and popular nut. They are satisfied with hunger, reduce weight, and also treat diseases or reduce the severity of their course. In the latter case, it is important to understand that the nut is used not instead of, but in addition to the main - drug - therapy.